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    Vacuum Packaging Machine Product Technical Explanation
     Automatic bag packaging vacuum packaging machine in the actual work of what help? What is his working principle? We need to know how to carry out actual technological advancement. Next, let's take a brief look at this aspect of the technical knowledge of fully automated bag packaging machines.
    Equipment flow: automatic feeding + automatic weighing + 6 station bag packing machine + vacuum + automatic labeling + automatic coding;
    Packing range: coarse grains 500g; speed 18-24 bags/minute, accuracy: 0.2%;
    If the above solution cannot be done, we can do what we can do now. The scope of vacuum packaging is changed to 500g-3kg. The speed is determined by us, but the output must be taken into account. We design the quantity of equipment. Put the above number of equipment in a clean room.
    Please prepare: 500g/1kg/1.5kg/2kg/3kg hexahedron vacuum sample;
    25g/500g/1kg/1.5kg/2kg/2.5kg/5kg two-body evacuated samples;